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About Us

We at Vision Alliance Consulting have a personalized approach to Web Design &
Social Media Marketing. 

Our primary goal will be to work with you in creating a connected sales funnel or "portal," utilizing your existing information.

Funnels help build your audience, raise visibility, and allow people to engage with you from your website! Having a powerful portal for your business or organization is key to a successful marketing campaign. Whether we help you with your social media marketing or website, we are here for you!
Image by Merve Nur AK


“Angela is fun to work with. She’s motivated and does a fantastic job at anything she takes on. She is a multi faceted and talented woman!” - E. Dwayne, Health Practitioner



“As an Event Manager, Angela took charge and formulated a plan and saw it through. She made lists so we could meet and exceed our goals. She worked with a wide variety of people and effectively and exceeded our expectations.” -M Shallon, Event Planner

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