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About Us

We at Vision Alliance Consulting have a personalized approach to Web Design &
Social Media Marketing. 

Our primary goal will be to work with you in creating a sales funnel with your existing information. This funnel will help build your audience, raise visibility, and allow people to engage with you from your website! Your sales funnel is key to a successful marketing campaign.
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"Angela is an incredible collaborator with intuitive and sweet-hearted design skills that honed in perfectly on my vision, helping me to re-design not only my webpage, but refresh my whole mission.**Bonus points for her midnight creativity:  It was like having an elf living in my basement! "   ~Laura Bee

“I have never seen someone do more from her heart than Angela. She always seems to create exactly what is needed for my Practice that makes it shine. I implore anyone to contact Angela for design and creation of flyers, business card, tri-fold pamphlets etc.” - Anthony J. Rodriguez, "Walking Crow" Shaman, Teacher 

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