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"Angela designed my website,, which I absolutely love. She is currently designing a second website for my school and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is a pleasure to work with. She listens to my requirements and desires and produces a finished product that is visually beautiful and impeccably structured. Angela has been assisting with my marketing needs since 2012 and has helped me navigate the labyrinth of social media marketing with tremendous patience and attention. I recommend her without hesitation. ~Shonagh Home, Shamanic Therapist, Author, Teacher, Poet

"Angela is an incredible collaborator with intuitive and sweet-hearted design skills that honed in perfectly on my vision, helping me to re-design not only my webpage but refresh my whole mission.**Bonus points for her midnight creativity:  It was like having an elf living in my basement! "   ~Laura Bee

“I have never seen someone do more from her heart than Angela. She always seems to create exactly what is needed for my Practice that makes it shine. I implore anyone to contact Angela for design and creation of flyers, business card, tri-fold pamphlets etc.” - Anthony J Rodriguez, Shaman, Teacher 

"Thank you Angela, with Vision Alliance Consulting. Great people support great for the community. Your work for Infinite Finds has been off the charts. I've had the worst experiences with having someone create a great, finished site. I will be sending people your way.” Mellissa Leigh Bates, Owner - Infinite Finds 501C3

“Angela’s eye for color and scheme is flawless. She has created a book cover for Emily and banners for social media for our Counseling business, that pop! We enjoy working with Angela immensely!”

Scott Catamas & Emily Orum, Love Coach Academy



“Angela had a unique insight into the overall vision of what I am creating here at Green Angel Gardens. Using her creative abilities she has created a new logo that reflects the vision and direction we are heading toward. Her positive outlook and uncompromising integrity are a breath of fresh air with which to work.” - Larkin Stentz, Owner/Steward, Green Angel Gardens



“As I sat scratching my head wondering how to alter my banner for my new Facebook page Angela took but minutes to first figure it out, tweak it, and then implement it. Voila!..."

- Anniken Moe, Momentum Massage & What's Your POP- Your Purpose on the Planet

"Angela is an amazing web creator! Angela feels from her heart center what is needed for the individual and listens to what you want to be created. It is what I would call a manifestation of creativity by her feeling your spirit and then resonating with it. I am referring her for your blog, business flyers, website or whatever, just ask her she will get the job done because she loves to help."

- Roxanne Celestine, Metaphysical Practitioner, Healer



“Angela listened very carefully to what I wanted and drew from her own knowledge of quantum physics to create an amazing blog. She has a natural ability to create exactly what you want and make it very professional and creative. I highly recommend her work”

- Veronica A. Dyer, M.A.



‎”I am so glad that you came up with this wonderful business! I am very happy with how the blog turned out and I know others would love to have you work with them on making one. You are really good at figuring out what the customer likes and having their blog say their name all over it. :) Keep it up and I can't wait to see what else you come up with for the blog!”

- Chantal Simmons



“Angela never ceases to amaze me! She took what I wanted and made it into reality! She saw my vision and made it happen.” - Nadja Clarke, Massage Therapist


“Angela Hartnett with Vision Alliance made our Etsy business banners and helped us with the ‘back office’ set up. She’s amazing to work with an helped us understand because we had no idea what we were doing. She is patient and kind and worked with us to implement a strategy for our small business online. We love you Angela!” - Alta Hughes & Kay Mertes, Clock Whimsy



“I was looking for someone to make our non profit organization some marketing materials and when I stretched out to Angela she took my ideas and ran with it. Later that evening she blew my socks off with a gorgeous flyer that reflected our exact ideas. I highly recommend Angela!”

-Launch Pad Ashland



“Angela made me the most gorgeous flyer I have ever dreamed of! I deeply appreciate her kindness and cannot thank her enough”

- Amber Rose, PhD. Acupuncture Practitioner, International Speaker



“As an independent Service provider of on-demand remote tech support services.  TOLL FREE 800.717.6296 Unlimited clean up, speed up your computer! Repair all your problems, 24/7 technical support we needed something sharp and professional, Angela created exactly what we needed and did so in a very timely manner.”

-Virtual Touch Pro



“Vision Alliance Consulting ROCKS! Angela’s business has helped me so much by sitting with me and talking about what I want for my business. She helped me create a bold brand and livened up my websites and online presence! She assisted me with several websites,  business consulting and brand development. Now I have very solid brand continuity and my work is soaring!”

Laura Bee Ferguson, Director-College of the Melissae

"I'm blown away! Angela's work exemplifies talent and integrity. Thank you Angela for helping me SHINE!"

OE. Sedona, Arizona

"Angela is amazing! She is super talented and very easy to work with. Very grateful for her connection and gifts! Extremely pleased with the work she has done for me." Adonai Darshan Love, Sedona, Arizona 

"What can I say, the name of the company says it all! Angela (unlike most graphic artist) cares about a clients vision and purpose. Her brilliant ideas and work ethic is exemplified on every project I have done with her. If your ready to get the ball moving , Angela will be by your side!" Jonandre Bliss, Kosmic Matcha Collective

"Angela was a pivotal part of the emergence of Sun Moon Studio. I couldn't have done it without her. She is an amazing woman to work with and knows how to design a website well. I highly recommend her."

Jessica Philips, Sedona Dane Academy & Sun Moon Studio Sedona.

“Angela is fun to work with. She’s motivated and does a fantastic job at anything she takes on. She is a multi faceted and talented woman!” - E. Dwayne, Health Practitioner

“As an Event Manager, Angela took charge and formulated a plan and saw it through. She made lists so we could meet and exceed our goals. She worked with a wide variety of people and effectively and exceeded our expectations.” -M Shallon, Event Planner

"I highly recommend Angela for your marketing. She meets the needs of the client and then some. Vision Alliance not only creates beautiful marketing materials, websites, banners etc. her work suits the client's personality and presence and is very special. I want to rave about the fine attention to detail as well as the quick turn around time." Michael. W Business Owner, Arizona

“I’ve been working with Angela for many moons. Angela is incredible! She is a highly integral and whip smart business woman. I tell her what I want and she provides it cheerfully. She quite often goes above and beyond my requests. Sometimes we figure things out together. Many of the processes have been a wonderful co-creation to help me with my business. Angela is a true professional and always brings a lightheartedness that soothes me under often stressful technical situations. I appreciate Angela very much and consider her a friend and ally in business and in life.” R. Shannon, Arizona.

"Angela at Vision Alliance Consulting has helped to uplevel me tremendously. I came to her with a vision of my goals and a willingness to do what it took to get there. She created a functional outline of steps yo take, helped me create my first website, sent me clients, got my foot in the door with professional pictures, and continually checks in to make sure I am sticking to my objective and ask how she can help. I don't have a single other person in my phone who has done so much to assist and improve me and I am eternally grateful. I would recommend Vision Alliance Consulting to literally anyone who owns a business and wants to see it grow and expand." Antoine Lamar LMT. Arizona 

"I love the work Angela of Vision Alliance Consulting does for me, she helps me greatly to maintain a high profile as a small business. I also trust her creative genius." Walking Crow, Arizona 


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